Benitez with new jersey chelsea 2013 was growing Cheap Jerseys disillusion to a permanent contract.Chelsea with chelsea fc jersey on the training ground commander conflicts again, got into trouble, and terry.This is not breaking news, not so long ago the sun poked out of the chelsea captain in a game question benitez's paibingbuzhen in the locker room after the game, after a club in crisis after coordination, the newspaper apologized.In manchester last week stadium sidelines terry sat on the bench, make no secret of frustration and dissatisfaction.

The chelsea dressing room big brothers for a period of at most three months remaining of benitez, also needs to pretend to respect it.After the match the day before training, coach analysis of gains and losses of the day before the game and the performance, is benitez's habit.But he did not expect the general analysis of competition had evolved into a fierce dispute.Beishuai pointed out that he was not satisfied with the team's performance in al ittihad stadium, the players did not play the necessary level.

At this point a senior player in the team back, reminded benitez most predominant got his champions league title last season – the veteran player is terry.Al ittihad stadium 90 minutes to dry the bench terry on disgruntled, he said there was coach of the players complaining to his methods and intensity of training.Hindsight it appears that benitez paibingbuzhen you have questions-The spaniard explained to defensive speed with terry aguero is a risky, so they choose to use back in the dawei·luyizi and jiali·kaxier partner, but lacks interfaces with anibal ruiz in lumbar position, switched teams from the official attack easier to throw the ball, brazil human dajuguan and the ball was missing in this game.Ultimately benitez competition analysis into one between generals blamed disputes with each other.Almost a year ago, maurits c.Boas with cheap chelsea jerseys has had the same experience.Shortly before his dismissal, maurits c.

Boas the same selection analysis of gathered a day after losing players failure, resulting in players offensive, tactical discussions from escalating into conflict.Unlucky is that chairman roman abramovich was worried about their team's prospects, personally attended the training course, which witnessed the generals all to talk.Perhaps that day, abu became maurits c.Boas thought of dismissal.

This is an unusual Meeting between players and coaches, after each match.Where are the same all over the world, exchange of views between the coach and players after each match, especially after lost a game.Disappointed emotions are normal, it was also normal, simple communication we thought, that's it.Club stressed that this"Meeting"After training in business as usual.

But benitez with new jersey chelsea 2013 was growing disillusion to a permanent contract, in the chelsea dressing room, he is becoming more and more lonely.After the initial quiet period before the generals, to coach seems like a most volatile period.Questioning authority of the coach, but commonly used tricks of the blues dressing room.Careful analysis of the terry dissatisfaction"Strength training, seems to find some generals testy clues.

Is the dressing room long premeditated collective"Rebels", is also the player who cause trouble, to be tested.Anti-Maurits c.Boas blues dressing room argument is that training intensity is too large, but in essence and portugal who is not good at dealing with changing rooms, offended many bosses about.Dima special NFL Jerseys Free Shipping olympics after taking office to ensure that no repetition, he win the trust of the players, such as terry and frank lampard, also significantly reduced training intensity and therefore stabilise morale.