One day, and then come to two small cars, the workers don't know is where of fairy, come to factory in do what.Anyway arrived noon, Du and Kang to accompany the plant manager to take bus factory door.In the evening, their three talented persons gives three-wheeled cart pullout the factory the inside.The some matter of plant manager piece also has no and also makes a phone call.Du and Kang miserably, their Tan is on the car and tap mat, constantly groan.The person in the factory receives a plant manager's telephone, the fire builds a fire Liao ground to run down, under plant manager piece's unified conductor, everyone's seven hands eight feet handed the cheap red bottom shoes Du and the Kang to go home.
Man says to walk and then walk, the man walked very far, man one step a turn head.Order to shout suddenly, father, wait me.The man stopped a step and looking at to order to distribute small feet Ya, small run since then.This path, order very familiar, though can't see with eyes, he runs firmly.If the man is afraid order order to fall head over heels, face up, squatted down body, said, ordered a point, listenned to grandmother, etc. father Zheng money, take you to cure eyes, that time, you can see father, you not is want to see father long cheap louboutin shoes what appearance?Order to cry.Order to say, father, let me touch your face again.The man caught the hand of ordering the point and slowly roved around on his face.Lead order for a long time just say, father, you leave, I remembered you and waited you to come back.
many, the little Wei really is to can not stand, sat to eat mountain empty.Besides one person's one monkey, must eat how much thing, a few money edible much for a long time.The little Wei incredibly thoughted of play a monkey cheap trick down the street of, he took the monkey to in the street and also played a monkey cheap trick.Can he not knows how tame a monkey, stood for a morning, penny money didn't also cheap louboutin sale earn.After all the monkey is more intelligent than little Wei, the its mimicry ability is strong, the little Wei squats down on the ground, the monkey also squats down on the ground, the little Wei smokes, the monkey also picks up a smoke bottom to take out on the ground and ask for the primary school livinged break into laughter tears.
Observe a backlog, be point the phenomenon for observing and record down as a result, develop the good habit of backlog observation data.It can not only pass thinking dint to the systematizing of material organization exaltation observation analysis, but also pass the development formation of backlog habit good observation to aware of self sex and enrich imagination and thinking.

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