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Thread: :: ?*??? ????e???g [;?ntr?d??t??n;] ::

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    :: ?*??? ????e???g [;?ntr?d??t??n;] ::

    Sooo. My name's Tacit :I

    Not really. But that's what you're allowed to call me.

    I'm thirteen years old.


    I live in northeastern Tennessee.

    I've been homeschooled since fifth grade.

    I was adopted at two days old.

    My eyes are different colors.

    My skin's not ebony, but it's not exactly ivory, either.

    I'm biracial.

    I take several medicines: mostly for my ADHD and depression.

    My biological mother was a nasty alcoholic.
    She died in prison.

    I've been cutting myself since November of last year.

    I've used razorblades, scissors, soda can tabs, needles, safety pins, pencil sharpener blades. Right now I'm using a knife. And my family doesn't know. They've found out twice.

    Neither confrontations ended well. My electronics were taken away. Sometimes, they took my phone and computer, and forgot about the blade. They think my depression is somehow linked to my interaction with internet friends.

    Honestly? I don't have an effing clue. Obviously this isn't something I was born with, this emptiness.


    I've been wondering . .
    anyone like me out there?

    Anyone who cries themselves to sleep at night because they're too afraid to break down during the day?

    Anyone who wears long sleeves and jackets constantly? Never goes swimming? Blames the bloodstains on her/his bed on monthly troubles? Accidents?

    Anyone who feels so alone, even when surrounded by friends and family? Who cuts themselves just to feel? To take away the anger, the pain, the sorrow?

    Anyone who needs someone?
    Someone . . like me?

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    Re: :: ?*??? ????e???g [;?ntr?d??t??n;] ::

    hello and welcome to AO and i hope you find some friends on here to talk to. it sounds like you have been through a few things...... but no one is ever truly alone you jsut are not looking in the right places. anyway if you need any help or have questions i can try and help.
    I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons
    I'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason
    I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son
    They're one in the same, I must isolate you...
    Isolate and save you from yourself

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    Re: :: ?*??? ????e???g [;?ntr?d??t??n;] ::

    Hey, welcome to the site. I'll be honest with you, I have not been through the things you have, but that emptiness I've been through, that loneliness, I know of far too much. Suicide and self-hatred were not far from my mind when I was your age and older (I'm 19 now). And the feelings obviously don't go away in one therapy session or heart to heart with your mother or father.

    I do have friends who cut, have cut, or think about cutting. I have friends who use alcohol and drugs to escape their reality, some even use anime as an escape from their lives. If you need someone to talk to you, if you want someone to listen and give you advice (or not), I'll listen. I can tell you, you are not alone. To prove how serious I am I'll leave my email address so you can contact me if you want. The choice is in your hands.

    [email protected]

    there it is. I'm not on this forum often, so this is the BEST way to contact me. It's connected to my phone, so its literally like a text message. I see my email ALL the time. I'll be looking out for your email, but if not I understand. I hope you find happiness.

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    Re: :: ?*??? ????e???g [;?ntr?d??t??n;] ::

    enjoy here and have a fun. you know, there is not only you here... we are also here to be with you.
    How to reach your heart? how to be your soul partner?
    I am just wondering~

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