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Thread: Ello c:

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    Ello c:

    Hello, I'm new here. I love watching anime and read manga if you got any recommending for me (anything genre) I will be gladly to check your suggestions ^-^ oh oopsy, forgot to introduce myself my name is Ayu(nickname) I'm just a radom girl who is very socialize with anyone(depends). So if you wanna get to know me more I will be happily assist you with your questions. Also I love to dicuss/debate(without offence) c:

    Anyways, hope to meet new people here!!

    P.S i loooooove pocky (;
    PPS. Also love pandas too hehe

    ~ Ayu

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    Re: Ello c:

    haha nice aspect with the pandas my friend has a cover for her phone with a pandabear on it.. cute !!!
    well but first of all, im vishi nice to meet ya, ayu (like ur name!) when u want message me anytime

    well i will add some of my fave mangas/ animes ;D nana? skip beat? kyou, koi...? itazura na kiss?

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    Re: Ello c:

    Haha, I love randomness, and I love random people, so welcome to the forum!

    I'm Ranma, and I hope that you'll enjoy your stay here.
    Girls make the world go round, didn't you know that already?

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