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Thread: Ello Ello

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    Ello Ello

    howdy to all just here to introduce myself i'm -j- aka wolfwoodzcross i've been an otaku for like 8 years and i've rocked out at the past 6 otakons YEAH i love pretty much the whole spectrum of anime from Trigun to Sayanara Zetsubo Sensei to Boogiepop to Beserk love it all right now my favs are Host Club n Zetsubo but thats jus cuz i'm finally getting around to watching it Outside Anime my favorite tv shows are SCRUBS, HOUSE, and THE BIG BANG THEORY yep yep i do draw a little i'm not very good i'm better at touch ups with photoshop photoshop is my freind but i've got expeiernce with the whole cs package not so much so with flash but i'm trying to learn n e helpful hints freinds and ALLIES IN THE OTAKU WAR i dont' know felt like being dramatic n e ways i like to spout that i'm Greatness INcarnate well its freakin true so LUV-ME TEE HEE

    "Strength isn't the number of pounds you can lift but the number of problems you can solve"

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    Re: Ello Ello

    i dont know why you say goodbye when i say ello!

    lol, i had to.

    Good to see some one so enthusiastic about joining our family! welcome to the nuthouse!

    if you need a friend or mentor, dont hesitate to give me a buzz
    Why hello there!

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    Re: Ello Ello

    well hallo? (I think...)
    -welcome to AO
    -read the rules
    -have fun?
    -pm if you want to talk...
    death and life are one and the same

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