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Thread: ello mates.

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    ello mates.

    haay everyone. i'm Kalena, but everyone calls me Lena. i just joined so my profile sucks because i didn't do anything to it yet. :P yeah. if you want to talk to me, then talk. i don't really care if you don't, so do whatever you want. i'm not one of those newbs who are like "OMG talk to me, i'm new. i need help OMG, OMG, OMG!". i pretty much don't care. i'll fight with you if you make me mad. i can be nice if you're nice to me. this is more like something people put on their profile.... o-o. that's weird. anyways, i'll be here if you want me. [:

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    Re: ello mates.

    Nono, this is alright for a short introduction. :P
    Anyway welcome and have fun being aroung here. If, by any chance, you end up having some questions, feel free to ask ... me for instance.
    Little suggestion by the way, even though you might not need it as badly as some: take a glance at the rules.
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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    Re: ello mates.

    Hello, lena11511 !! Nice to meet you!! Have a lot of fun kay?!
    We are all tiny grains of sand, but, together we create a vast desert.
    Kenpachi~ The Kazekage

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