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Thread: Enter Uzumaki Naruto

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    Enter Uzumaki Naruto

    Hey peoples. as it is quite obvious, Another Naruto fan has been gained here, XD. seeing as to how I'm new, despite having the experience. the one question I have is how I'll be able to put in a custom avatar for my profile- seeing as I don't have the option yet. in any case, feel free to have a little chat with me. See you around.

    I will become hokage..dattebayo.

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    Re: Enter Uzumaki Naruto

    Custom Avatars are only available to Community Members and higher. To become a Community Member, you will need to reach 50 posts or more. Avatars are restricted to 80 x 80 for all usergroups excluding Staff and Veterans.
    That answered, welcome to AO, a place you'll fit right in since plenty like Naruto and various other anime of ALL genres

    But not only anime is here to keep you coming back, a debate and discuss section that'll keep you up to date on any worth thing to debate upon, an RPG section that is slowly growing and there is a new blog system similar to myspace that recently came up that you can find in your profile section.

    Be sure to check the rules at least once since they are starting to get fattily long, but once you"ve seen them, lessened are the chances of getting in trouble

    So have fun, take care and till next we meet....
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    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Enter Uzumaki Naruto

    Hahaha, guess someone beat me to that answer. ^^; Anyways welcome to AO and hope that you will enjoy it here!!

    BTW: You should check out the rules to see if you missed anything else.
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