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Thread: Fallen_Angel is back.

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    Fallen_Angel is back.

    its been almost a year since i last logged i thought id just make a new account.i dont know if any of you remember me.but im here if absolutly anyone needs a friend.or someone to talk to.ill be posting mostly in the poems section.but ill try to get to the others too.see you around.

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    Re: Fallen_Angel is back.

    Well, I'm glad you're back.

    We do need more members, so this is good! ^^ You can PM me anytime you want if you want to talk!

    Enjoy being back here~!

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    Re: Fallen_Angel is back.

    Helping others is always a good deed and i hope this community does everything well for people in need assistance. The number one thing i like about this place is the modd and the energy that new people have in daily basis.

    Magic intervenes when there is love in first sight.

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    Re: Fallen_Angel is back.

    Having multiple accounts is still not allowed here. Use your other account and Closing.

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