Greetings everyone from, Toxic Otaku!!! How is everyone on this fine day, well I hope. Now I've been to alot of other forums, but am fairly new here, you might even already know me from these other places. (scray isn't it?) and if you don't then I realy look forwards to getting to know you. ^_^ for those of you who don't know me already, or for those who do but have simply forgotten, when dealing with me a certian amount of instanity is required to deal with my own lose cork as you shall all quickly find out. ((( hehehehehehe *evil laugh* )) XD lol ^_^ Anyway, again this one realy looks forwards to getting to know you all and being a member of your comunity and I hope that my time here will be enjoyed by you as much as it will be by me. ^_^

Catch Ya'll on the round side! ~ Toxic Otaku~.^