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Thread: Greetings from down under

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    Talking Greetings from down under

    Well, I have just joined in hopes of finding other anime obsessed people. I have a passion for Gundam seed at the moment, and am constantly yelling my hatred for Flay at the TV which usually earns me strange stares from my family.

    I am currently hunting for episode 25 of Full Metal Alchemist. It is the only FMA episode I haven't seen and am dying to see it, despite the fact that it would be the saddest FMA ep ever.
    I'm tempted to go out and try and find somewhere who sells it so I can put it on my computer and create an AMV I have in my head, but the problem with that is I am in Australia and it is hard to find DVDs of good anime like FMA.

    The best that is sold over here is Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z

    Anyway, tis nice meeting you all, and I hope I can satisfy my addiction here

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    Re: Greetings from down under

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Welcome to AO Azura_rose, but what's your Anime issue? Madman sells an extensive collection of DVD and merchandise in Australia... including FMA...

    Anime DVDs, Manga & Merchandise from Madman Entertainment
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