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Thread: Greetings, fellow Earthlings!

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    Smile Greetings, fellow Earthlings!

    Hello! My name is Joe and I've just now joined. It's good to meet all you folks! As it happens, it's late where I am and so I'm going to bed shortly. I'll see you on the board!

    Apparently, custom avatars aren't allowed here; so I've chosen the stock avatar which most closely resembles my all-time hero Yoko Ritona. Let's pretend that's who it is, shall we? Thank you.


    P.S.: It looks like the signature-block function isn't working, either.
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    Re: Greetings, fellow Earthlings!

    Custom Avatars are only available to community members and higher (100 posts and 1 month term of membership).

    Anyways, welcome to Animeonline, hope you enjoy yourself here, please take the time to read the rules and FAQ (linked in my sig and at the top of the page).

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    Re: Greetings, fellow Earthlings!

    hi there! new comer... welcome to AO.... have a good day... and remember to read the rules before posting....<----------- this is a spam HELLO!....lol

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