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Thread: hello!!

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    These are the words of Holderofthedarkchalice............................ .............

    this is to all the people that i see as jerks ho's and pretty much bottom of the barell scum i have been here long nough to see whats going and all i see is a lot of pathetic talk and empty threats and things that no ther forum will have ever have the only repsecatble person here is sincere and justin and right now i havew a few words to say that will pretty much say what i feel and know to be a
    act ,1 Holder is and always will be somone that starts the drama on AO and blde x,rave grip anime being god ect. hell he mine as well have that mc donalds arch over his cyber bed with how loose he is
    2 . tumble dry,rave grip and anyone else who was banned you did them a favour becuase all thatt was going on was drama and if tumbe dry hadnt did anything i was gonna ,i also think that somone hackimg my acount pming people then having my pmes replyed to is bull crap dont vcare who you are i dont pm anyone and sincere can back me up on this since she has seen who i talk to
    and none of you ass holes i never have talked to me at all then when i blocked everyoe but her then come to find out somone added people to my friends list not once did i add anyone i block which is all of AO
    this bull crap of me getting reply from poeple is stupid and i never really talked to anyone in the past 3 monhts unless it was somone has been hacking me i mean i have been doing west virgina crap for a while i nevr have time to pm anyone
    sincere can also back this
    her and me have seen a lot of crap
    like my pc beig hacked names beig removed
    its all bull crap and someone can just kiss my big hairy ass
    i want take it anymore so bann me if you want but im not stayoing on a site where people can do what tey want and nothing be done about it
    so **** you all and go to hell
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    Re: hello!!

    frankly i dont care what he thinks, this is just an animeforum, getting worked up over the things that happen does shit all for me.

    `closing ^_^ have a nicer day

    btw who is this holderofthedarkchalice person?
    just like tat you can just ignore and carry on, try it sometime, f-sakes

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