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Thread: Hello

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    Re: Hello

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Mage View Post
    Hey, Whazzup? Hope u enjoy it here. I don't get much of a chance to come here anymore, but hopefully that'll change real soon. PM me if you wanna talk, I stop by to check every once inna while.
    Quote Originally Posted by Uzamki_chan2007 View Post
    Hey i'm 13 my name is Uzamki_chan. some of my favorite anime shows are:
    Trinity blood,inuyasha,naruto,love hina,& dragonballz. i'm also looking for some frenz on here.
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettogkiva View Post
    hey therre and welcome 2 da forms i hope u enjoy ur stay
    I'm definately enjoying my time here thanks to all of ya~ Nice meeting you all ('',)
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