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Thread: Hello ^^

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    Hello ^^

    Hi everybody! My name's Enn and I just signed up.
    I'm from Hong Kong XD
    Fell in love with anime a looooong time ago...(looks up into the sky)
    I hope that I could make some friends, chat a bit, stuff like that...
    (Someone's just too bored at work XD)

    Well about stuff I like...
    I like BL... not gonna deny that... sorry guys XD
    Currently in love with Soul Eater, One Piece, Monochrome Factor, etc.
    Also I play a lotta video games, including BL, otome, music
    Speaking of music~ I like doujin music, like sound horizon, shikata akiko
    jpop, like ali project, RADWIMPS, kato kazuki etc.
    of course seiyuus, toriumi kousuke, suzumura kenichi etc
    I don't listen to a lot of english songs, but I still like Backstreet Boys ^^"

    That's about it~ Yoroshiku na ^^
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    Re: Hello ^^

    He` and welcome to AO. I'll mention about reading the Rules-it makes the MODs happy. Post, make friends, post, have fun, post, RPG, post, pm me if you ant to chat............Um?...........Did I mention Posting?

    Anything is Pawsable
    Growing old is Mandatory-Growing up is Optional

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    Re: Hello ^^

    Greetings from near Lake Erie in Ohio, USA. Have fun and remember to post. PM me if you really get bored.
    "What part of Evil don't you understand?"

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    Re: Hello ^^

    Hi Hi Enn,

    I'm Jamie. ^^ Welcome to our wonderful little world,

    Have fun.. read the rules.. Make friends.. Post a lot.. and pm me if you ever want to talk or anything. It's nice to have you here on AO and It was nice to meet you.
    X.x.X The only thing I'll ever want... X.x.X

    X.x.X Is for you to love me the way I love you.. X.x.X

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