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    Hello guys im Virus021, and im new to here... ( it took like 2 hours to figure this site out.. >~< LOL) anyways i absolutly LOVE anime and manga. Just recently my friend and i are making a manga called "Last Level", were still working on the planning stage right now.. but like it's about a 16 year old boy ( haven't thought of a name for him yet.. =.=" ) as a child heard all these fairy tales from his mom every night, then on his 16th birthday he recieved a gift from his dad that died before he was born, this gift was a cell phone keychain.. when the boy attachted the keychain to his phone he recieved a strange text message saying "Welcome ( the dads name ) ( havent thought of the dads name also ) you are player No. ( # ) (havent thought of the number aswell lol >.> ) you are now in the game." soon after he finds out that the keychain has powers which can only be activated during the game. ( there's alot more to tell you guys but i dont wana spoil every thing although i told you a lot even if you might not know it ;-) lol )

    Extra info:

    The Fairy Tale: Long ago there was this council made up of 9 members, each which possesses a stone filled with great power, there task was to keep the world in balance. This council is divided into teams 1 side dark and the other light, and 1 who is the leader who controls this world. But then 1 member got greedy and craved more power, he then slaughterd every member of the council, except for 1 which escaped, soon this evil then corrupted the world they were meant to protect.

    The World: The world in this manga is different to ours here on earth. In the manga there are 8 continents which surround 1 large 1 in the middle, so basically there are 9 in total.

    The Game: Every 10 thousand years a game is held by the council. The council chooses 100 players from each continent, so there will be 800 players in the beginning of the game. Each player possesses a player number and a keychain. If you lose the game there is a conciquence depending on your level ( I can not tell you any more about the game because it will spoil part way through the manga )

    The KeyChain: Every keychain holds great power in them, this power determines on your personality aswell as the looks of the keychain. As you level, your powers grow and the looks of you keychain.

    The Levels: There are 9 levels that a player can reach. Through levels 1 to 6 is for you to get used to your weapon. Levels 7 and 8 might show signs of element capability, and level 9 is the final level and also determines if you are evil or good. There are 3 different types of level 9's 1 being a mix of both skill and element ( very common ), another being all skills, and the other being all element. ( both rare ) The reasons they are rare is because the can transform into a form with much greater power.

    Vampire Candy: In this game there is a handy cap for people who like to be cheap and become very strong and fast, it's called "vampire candy" it's like an energy boost, but it causes you to become more evil each time you use it.

    ( This is not all 100 %, there will be maybe some changes, but there is alot more to the story i can not tell just yet, but once my friend and i have got the story straight, i will keep you guys posted ^.^

    Thank you guys for reading, and please tell me what you think so far, and if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to ask THANK YOU !!! )
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    Wink Re: Hello

    Wow well from what i read you are a shoe in for this forum I am Brandon Grave heat

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