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Thread: Hello AO nice to meet you all :)

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    Smile Hello AO nice to meet you all :)

    Well I have a great interest in anime for about 18 years and I am a vast collecter of dvds and have expericnce with people on forums. My dream was always to become a mod and sadly has never come true.I stand for 3 things.

    1.Balance Of Justice (if a member ever made a substancial amount of damage to the reputation on the forum and its members by accident they should not be banned but if it were continious or/and if on purpose they should be banned with their ip address.)

    2.Shelter For The Lost Causes (this would be for mild on purpose attacks on staff or was trying to cause a mild decption (double accounts ect) to the staff that the member would get a week ban or a month ban but not pernament ban or blocking of a Ip address.)

    3.Balance Of Banning (This would be basicly the weighing of the good and bad the (accused) brought to the forum and it would be a civil meeting (online) with the mods on the site and with admins and the accused so they could fight their case with out being offensive and mods could ask why the member did it.So it's basicly it's like a/the final court meeting/hearing before the jugement is called.

    Also I must say I am not to the max honest on-line as I have lied to admins/mods in the past but am still honest about 70%-80% of the time .

    Thank you if you read all of that.

    So my fave anime are
    2.wicked city
    3.edan of the east
    5.peach girl

    I am also very liberal when it comes to anime so I am pro H anime from the extreamly mild to the extreamly EXTREAM.

    You can call me by my username UROTSUKIDOJI or my (IN)Famous user name on other sites like.

    I am hopeing to change my honesty on this forum with help from its members.

    I am also autistic (I am not trying to play the EASY card or hide behind a label)

    So I must say I am hopeing to make a differiance on this site and making friends.

    Things I have been convictied of in the past
    Were Lying and having a double account and lying about what my occupation was on Anime Forum dot Com the person who convicted me on that forum are FlashD View Profile: FlashD - Anime Forum dot Com
    Kaitou Ace View Profile: Kaitou Ace - Anime Forum dot Com and last but not least Blueangel View Profile: blueangel06661 - Anime Forum dot Com

    I have been ip blocked on 1 other site like www.themanime.net or Themanime.com for proxy and for useing it continiously to get under every ban they gave me and for being extreamly argumentive/defensive in the chatroom.

    I have been banned on 4 other sites yet 3 have lifted the ban as they let me give a responce after a 1 year ban and on one of them I just got a 5 month ban

    My name on the site is Executioner
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    Urotsukidoji is off to a good start
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    Re: Hello AO nice to meet you all :)

    Bump 1................................................. .................................................. ............................................

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