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Thread: Hello, I am Diabeats. How are you today?

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    Hello, I am Diabeats. How are you today?

    Hello all members of this wonderful forum of awesomeness

    My name is Diabeats.
    You might wonder, "Oh what a strange name. I wonder if he is crazy?" but I assure you there is a logical and quite serious reason to that. However I will not explain to you guys here why this is my name, you pm me if you want to know and I will gladly tell you the story .

    Now on to the matter at hand...
    I am a new member to this forum and though I am not new to the whole manga "scene", I am new to this site so if anyone wants to be my friend I would greatly appreciate it :P
    I'm not going to give you my life story but I will provide you guys/gals with some basic info on myself. My real name is Jeff and I am currently 17 years old and in my senior (4th) year of high school.My love for manga started when I discovered the first volume of Naruto in my public library. I was 13 atthe time and was curious. I sat down and read it and have been a fan ever since. My tastes have branched out to not only include action but also comedy, adventure, romance, and ecchi (hehe).

    I hope I can gain a lot from joining this forum and have no intention of going anywhere anytime soon
    Also, if there is anything anyone needs from me don't hesitate to ask (I love helping people)

    Alrighty then I think that's enough for now


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    Re: Hello, I am Diabeats. How are you today?

    heey yooo nice introduction, i just rea it wel the first sentence is pretty nice
    so first of all i'm vishi and i'm from germany and you already know of my desire for food^^ ;DD. well when i heard your fave genres it seems like we can talk abot many things ;DD so welcome to teh forum and get along well

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