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Thread: Hello, I'm new :D

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    Smile Hello, I'm new :D

    Hello everybody
    I'm a Vietnamese (Vietnam is a country in Asia), the name is "Thư". Nice to meet u ^^
    I'm very keen on anime, especially Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, Gurren Lagann and Keroro Gunsou (or Sgt.Frog).
    Also, I'm new here and I know nothing, so I want to ask some questions:
    1.I somehow come across this site while searching for sites to watch Keroro Gunsou in English. So can I download or watch anime here and how? :P
    2.I'm not good at either English or using computer and now I'm pretty comfused
    Can someone instruct me how to change my signature and avatar? I found an instruction for that but the link has died out
    Thank you very much ^^

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    Re: Hello, I'm new :D

    first off welcome and go the User Cp and go to edit avitar and the same thing with the signuater but click on edit signauter to add a signauter

    P.s. if i confussed i am sorry
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