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Thread: hello and my introductions

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    hello and my introductions

    Hi I'm new here and hope I get to make some new friends here. This idea I got from some other forums I belong to I think I've seen something like this in 3 different forums now. Anyways I'm going to introduce myself give a few fact and some other details about myself. Here it goes.
    Name: Christopher Thoennes I go by Chris but lets just call me mathious on the network
    gender: male
    location: Colorado (I normally hang out at Colorado Springs)
    marital status: single
    age: 14
    religion: Lutheran or Catholic (my dads Catholic and my moms Lutheran) I haven't been very religous in the past year infact I think the last time I went to church was during Christmas
    siblings: I have two brothers and two sisters. My brothers are Zach who's 20 and Josh who's 19. My sisters are Carrie who's in her late 20's and Crystal who is in her early 30's
    drink/smoke: no to smoking and for drinking yes, no, maybe I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM.
    likes: driving, anime, manga, food, sleeping, video game, playing with my dog, ignoring my mom just to get her irritated, working, and hanging out with friends.
    dislikes: being grounded, people that are completely clueless (meaning they don't get even the simplist of jokes or if they always answer to you huh?), chores.
    favorite anime: full metal alchemist, Naruto, Bleach, Ranma 1/2, Spiral, Ai Yori Aoshi, Fruits Basket, and many more
    favorite manga: Bleach
    favorite games: kindom hearts, God of War, Asheron's Call, World of Warcraft, Sudeki, Morrowind, Balders Gate and the Final Fantasies
    favorite drink: chocolate malt
    favotite foods: pizza, ramen noodles, salads, chicken, lasagna, steak, spagetti, and mexican food
    favorite sports: soccer, rugby, football, and discus (which isn't exactly a sport)
    favorite music: I'm going to do my favorite bands Nickelback, Daughtry, Linkin Park, 3 Doors Down, Def Leppard, etc.
    goals/future dreams: Some goals in my life are to become a chef, architect, or a web designer. I want a family of 2 boys abd one girl. I would also like a 2 story house 5 bed, 2 bath, swimming pool in the back yard and my dream car of a bugatti eb 16.4 veyron.
    fun facts about Chris: I got the master bedroom of our house, I'm almost 6 feet tall, actually 1 1/2 inches shorter. I weigh about 132 lbs. I'm the youngest of the family. I now have a collection of over 200+anime. I live with my mom because my parents are divorced. I got a pretty good job when I was 13, because I got $10.00 for every cord of wood I split and I normally do a cord every hour and 15 minutes, or you could figure I get $40.00 every 5 hours I work. I have one pet named Katie she is a dog. I'm going into the ninth grade after summer break.
    Reply if you would like to.

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    Re: hello and my introductions

    Ahhh.... Whazzup??? Rather long introduction, anyway enjoy ur stay and read da rules. PM me if u wanna chat. Later.

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    Re: hello and my introductions

    Quote Originally Posted by mathious View Post
    Hi I'm new here and hope I get to make some new friends here.
    Welcome, Chris. What a bio! It's nice to see another guy who likes Fruits Basket! I hope you're excited about school . . . . or at least excited that now you have a wicked site to visit after school. Feel free to PM me whenever you feel like; I'm always up for a chat.

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    Re: hello and my introductions

    Hello!! its nice to meet you welcome to AO my name is Ellie but my friends call me Tora I hope we become friends!!

    Made by mi amigo Mveli2

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    Re: hello and my introductions

    Hi and Welome to AO!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it here and make lots of friends plus NICE TO MEET YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Remember to read the rules and have fun!!
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    Re: hello and my introductions

    Well now...THATS an introduction!! LOL

    Anyways, welcome and hello to AO.

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    Re: hello and my introductions

    Welcome to AO!! Hope you have loads of fun and make lots of friends!!

    It was nice to meet you!!

    Thanks for the sig Solking!! I love it!!

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