Hello, my name is Simon.

I've been a writer and artist for quite some time, doing a number of different short-term projects for a number of different companies, ranging from gaming to graphic novels, mechanical drawing, topographical map details, short stories, ghost writing, etc.

Within the past few months, I found a home with a small publisher called Arcanum Syndicate. To date, they have put out two separate game lines, both the fantasy-style Dark Kingdoms, and the gritty futuristic Chaos 6010 A.D. The Chaos 6010 A.D. Role Playing Game is a gritty cyber-goth horror setting focused on a dark future in which magic has been rediscovered through the assistance of alien races, Earth has been rendered into a wasteland of horrors by an apocalyptic event, and corporations secretly control the galaxy. I currently work on the Chaos 6010 line, having provided the bulk of the writing and artwork for a singular product to date (Chaos Contracts; Tides of Sin), and I have a few other projects currently in various stages of completion.

I have always had a fondness for both science fiction elements, and fantasy. Many times I would begin my own works based in either genre, only to get about halfway through it and long to work in the other genre. Thankfully, the combination found within Chaos 6010 allows me to combine elements of both, from faster-than light spacecraft to demon summoning, from plasma sword fights on alien worlds to shooting elves in the face.

As one of the primary writers for Chaos 6010, I often get asked about my inspirations. One of the greatest inspirations for my writing comes from some of the greater anime movies out there. Chaos 6010 is a brutal and bloody game, where characters can suffer from being the unfortunate recipient of a hail of bullets, leaving them near lifeless and crumpled on the ground. However, they can always be saved by a quick acting party member with access to healing magic.

One of the biggest inspirations is the Vampire Hunter D series, where the world seems a bit desolate, technology is both highly advanced, yet seemingly mundane. The world is populated by mutants, supernatural creatures, and mercenaries. The Marcus brothers would merge seamlessly into the wastelands of Chaos 6010 Earth, fighting against the undead that stalk the wasteland.

Within the city of Haven, I've drawn inspiration from a number of sources, from Akira for the shadowy corporate conspiracies and biker gangs (I've almost included the Clowns in an upcoming product), to Battle Angel for the obvious class warfare (the lofty members of society and the detritus that feeds from their refuse). The cyberthieves from Battle Angel are an inspiration for an entry in the upcoming Chaos 6010 product called "Urban Encounters".

Another inspiration for the wastelands is the planet Gunsmoke from the Trigun series, with vast stretches of desert with sparse settlements and small towns. Unusual characters travel through, including people from the city looking to take care of some business.

Of course, there are almost too many inspirations to name, predominantly due to the amount of post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk elements found within a number of anime. Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell, Golgo 13, and Megazone 23.

As a final note, yes, I have even been inspired by Urosukidoji, as I find parallel elements of the horrific demons that enter the world through a spirit gate, and the destruction caused within the film.

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