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    Talking Hey

    I'm a fan of anime, I'm also a pratitioner of capoeira and like and always did fight, I'm kinda short standing 6"2, oh the reason I practice capoeira is because I wish to be a mma fighter, I'm going to college to become a an accountant. I also play guitar and piano, I play by ear so what I hear I can copy, when I was younger I saw anime the drawing captivated me some of the stuff that happened was bizzare but I still understood what was going on and quickly became a fan. We were broke so all I remember was watch megaman and sailor moon (yes sailor moon I was freakin 5 and it's not like I imitated them but I was kinda in love with the show), on a black and white tv. I was later re introduce to anime later in my life like with pokemon and later zoid, dragonball z and so on. I became an artist after one of my fellow students that I hated deeply pulled out a black book the detail af his art was amazing, I looked through it all with his permission of course, I told him that I was at one time an amatuer but became addicted to fighting we became friends and I was no longer the bad guy that hurt his friends. On a serious note I'm glad that I no longer fight I feel embarrassed at my younger self................I still want to fight in the mma though there it's okay with rules of course. All of my talents are self taught but my drawing. Sorry about writing so much. Well I still have ways to go on my artwork but it is decent. I hope to meet many other that share my passion for anime artistry( Did I spell that right?). Also thanks and stuff like that.

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    Re: Hey

    Good day and welcome to AO, Hope you like it here and I suggest that you read the rules first and have fun
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