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Thread: Hey all

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    Hey all

    I'm Ben from Canada.
    I suck at introductions but I'll give it a go...

    My favorite anime by far is Evangelion. Next might be SE: Lain or Noein... Then maybe Clannad...

    To be honest I haven't been watching anime for long, but I got into it fast and now I'm addicted. I used to think it was for nerdy losers, which I guess it is, and whenever I thought of anime I was turned off because I imagined stuff like Naruto, Sailor Moon, etc (No offense if you like those). But anyway, when I actually watched some anime for the first time I was shocked! And I loved it. I think the first one I saw was Elfen Lied. That was probably... around X-mas 08, so 6-7 months ago.
    Now I've grown to appreciate the art, the humour and the awesome writing which is lacking in American cartoons.

    I haven't seen too many and I haven't read any manga yet but I have a huge list of anime I'm periodically going through and manga I will eventually get. I've probably seen 20 or so series, I don't think I'll list them all because this intro seems too long as it is.

    I like mind****s and romantic anime the most. Yuri, yaoi- it's all good.
    Sub, sub, sub. I only like subbed anime. Every time I hear dubbed I die a little.
    The last anime I finished was K-On! I really liked it.

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    Re: Hey all

    Greetings, Ben. I am glad you found the nerdy loser side of you. lol

    Signature is a Gwenibe original.

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    Re: Hey all

    Elfin lied was great as is Evangelion. You have good taste in anime. If you like Evangelion you may also want to read the manga.

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