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Thread: hey guys my name is pablo

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    hey guys my name is pablo

    yo! hey guys, well what can i say, im not the stereotypical anime guy.
    im black (mix of black and latino), so i got brow skin and black str8 hair.
    im about 5'9 and 143 pounds and im 17 years old
    actually my number 1 hobbie is basketball! yea, im a basketball player and play on my country's basketball federation.
    well, what can i say? i like anime, i had even before going serious with bball, and when i saw this site i loved the hospitality i felt guys n_n
    well, i got a hand surgery done 2 days ago. and dats the reasson on coming here cuz im on vacations and have lots of spare time atm. and im actually soso drawing so im starting to learn how to draw manga and anime till i can play bball. than i'll keep it up but not that much.
    i have been with my actual gf for about a year or so, she is blonde, blue eyes, tan skin. well we make a cute hot couple ^^
    if any1 is interested on making a cool black friendly latino friend message me

    well, as u can see im a huge mix of cultures (including my gf who is actually european, half french half russian) so i pretty much have a open mind :P

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    Re: hey guys my name is pablo

    G'day. Welcome aboard.

    Interesting, most don't give out so much detail about themselves, but since you didn't give anything vital, it should be cool :P.

    Someone who's into Basketball & Anime, nice. You don't see that combo too often, or at least I don't. Hope your hand heals up quick though.

    Enjoy yourself here, & I hope to see you around...

    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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    Re: hey guys my name is pablo

    Welcome to AO. You and I both like basketball, so we'll get along just fine. If you need a friend or wanna ask some questions about this site, feel free to PM me. Enjoy your time here!

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    Re: hey guys my name is pablo

    hey, and welcome to ao, hope you make lots of friends, and like it here. ^^

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