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Thread: Hey! Hey!

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    Hey! Hey!

    Whats up dudes? The name is Usagi, and I'm new to this site. I actually came here from Gaia Online. I decided to quit because it is now a money hungry site that just wasn't fun anymore. But while I was on there, I was active member in many RPGs. I think of my self a semi to literate RPGer, and look forward to posting in the forums.

    Now lets get on to other things. My favorite anime/mangas are:
    Sailor Moon{More so the Manga then the Anime}
    FullMetal Alchemist
    Eureka 7
    Ranma 1/2
    FF7{A game, but there was anime for it}
    Hot Gimmick
    Paradise Kiss
    Saint Tail
    And More!

    I'm also a fanfic writer and an artist Deviant under the same username. And yes, beware, I am a fangirl! Grrrrr... Oh Crack pairings how I love thy! XD

    Well, what else can I tell you? I love making friends with people, especially is you're as nuts as me. Oh, we could create some terror with that! XD When it comes to my personality. People always tell me I'm loud, crazy, hyper, and really blunt. I'm also very temperamental, been trying to stop that by the way, and I am not afraid to yell if you piss me off. Which reminds me, here the things you should keep away from me.

    Trolls {I Despise them, but ignoring works better}
    Sasuke and Sakura{I like making fun of them, so if your a fangirl whi is easily upset, I suggest you leave}
    Newbiz to Literate{I hate them, it just hurts my brain taking to them online. Please, I'm begging you. SPELL OUT YOUR WORDS!}
    Attention Whores
    Easily Killed Threads {I did not put my writing into a Good RPG just to see it die!}

    Well, I guess thats it. I do all RPG forums but Vampires. Gaia was filled with them and I could hardly find one that wasn't. So, I don't usually do them unless I'm a vampiry type of mood. By the way, if I quit for some reason, don't offended. Either I can't do it anymore because of school or something happen in the RPG that got me angry.

    Well, I guess thats it' Oh and by the way, I'm 15. 15 and rocking the word! Hope to see ya soon in the Threads! XD

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    Re: Hey! Hey!

    Oh well.. Hello & welcome to Anime Online(AO)
    What a long introduction you've made there, It's good actually(specially warning us from you!)
    anyway, you better read the rules if you haven't, have fun, feel free to PM me anytime & cya arround
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    Re: Hey! Hey!

    He` and welcome to AO. Read the rules, they make the MODs happy. I run a few RPGs and play in more. you might want to check out Underworld-war of the clans(mine), Changelings(also mine), and Heretic Angels. Otherwise, post, make friends, RPG, have fun, pm me if you want.

    Anything is Pawsable
    Growing old is Mandatory-Growing up is Optional

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