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Thread: hey hey hey!

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    hey hey hey!

    o...as you may notice, I like Katekyoshi hitman reborn, and Gokudera Hayato in particular...
    and like a good amount of other animes including Outlaw Star, S-Cry-Ed, Wolf's Rain, and Bleach...
    I prefer alot of the old animes over some of the new ones (as you can tell)
    I'm appart of a few other forums so I'm no noob when it comes to rules of forums lol

    I hope I can find some friends here and have fun
    the wind that fiercly whirls about

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    Re: hey hey hey!

    At least Everyone and myself don't have to say "read the rules" lol!
    Used to watch Wolf's Rain and Bleach, I had some Japanese episodes of Bleach on my computer before it came out in the US, then once it came out in the US I started to lose interest, I don't know why.
    Anyways, Welcome and have fun!

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