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Thread: Hey, how's it going everyone?

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    Post Hey, how's it going everyone?

    How's everyone doing here in Anime Online? I made an account here some time ago, but do to my computer suddenly dying on me, I'm on here from my PSP.

    To introduce myself, as you can see, my name is MegaDomonic, or for short, you can all just call me Mega.
    At this moment, I'm attending a high school in North America while at the same time, I'm employed at a fast food resturaunt. I'm very interested in the Japanese culture, I guess I could qualify as a member of Genshiken, The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture. I'm not a super otaku, I mean, I have many games, anime, and manga, but yet, I only have one anime poster from a NewType magazine I have, but I don't have it hanging on the wall, I actually don't know where it is at the moment. XD I think it was a poster of all teh girls from Divergence Eve, it was a double sided poster, one side with their normal work clothes, and the other side which I think were their sleeping dresses, forgot the names of them. But anyway, while I am employed otaku attending high school, I am also very very fluent in many ways of martial arts. So if someone was to ask me what kind of martial arts I know, well I don't truly know a full style, I'm self trained with my different skills, movements, offenses and defenses of man different styles. My mostly practiced Martial Arts at this moment are Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Muay Thai, and Baji Quan(A.K.A. Hakkyouken) There is one Martial Arts I am trying to learn, but do to it's extreme danger and high kill rate, I have to go to Thailand to do the training, it's called Pahuyut. I was told it's called Ancient Muay Thai or Muay Boran, I don't remember, but I plan to learn in. Now I know some of you readers may wonder, why am I studying so many different ways of martial arts? Well I personally believe martial arts are what make the earth move, I believe that martial arts not only advances the human race physically, but mentally. I believe martial arts can provide an extravigating improvement to one's life. I believe martial arts is what make humans see things that never seen before. That is why I study it. But anyway, that's all about me, I feel like I kinda gave away too much information, but please don't tell someone in the outside world about me, cause I usually keep all this a secret and only known for people who have the same interest as I do. So yeah, I guess this is my Biogrophy. So I hope to have an enjoyable time with everyone here, and thank you for reading! ^_^

    P.S. - My dream is to be more fluent in Japanese language and go to Japan, and possibly even live a good life there.
    I am one who studies the many ways of Martial Arts.

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    Re: Hey, how's it going everyone?

    yo! welcome to AO and looking forward to your contributions

    'Cause you give me something / That makes me scared, alright / This could be nothing / But I'm willing to give it a try / Please give me something
    'Cause someday I might call you from my heart

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    Re: Hey, how's it going everyone?

    dear god thats huge, so i won't read it.
    but i will welcome you.,
    (was going to say "yo"...pssh someone else beat me >.>)

    Welcome to ao, may your posts be shorter.....

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    Re: Hey, how's it going everyone?

    Dude, in like 5 years this is the longest intro i have read to this day. Welcome to AO mega, enjoy your stay man.

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    Re: Hey, how's it going everyone?

    Hi ya Mega!! And welcome to the wonderful world of AO!!! Hope ya enjoy your stay here, and remember to have fun out there!! XD
    Made by- Ryomakurosaki (Thank you sooooo much!!) ^__^

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