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Thread: Hey there.

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    Hey there.

    Hello from my side, first. You can call me Jokka, otherwise just say ''you over there'' or tug at my sleeve.
    I'm almost 19 and I'm from Ljubljana (which is, strangely, not behind the Moon).
    I would say, my hobbies are music, computing, parkour and things around eating and sleeping. A time ago, I was also interested in cloning of hamsters, but since mine, who used to be a guy, is pregnant.. well, uh, allright.
    If you now ask yourself, why for all world's sakes I'm here.. A good friend of mine, Drag, who is also a part of the crew here now and I were looking for a new forum, to increase our skills of english and so on. Well, I'm quite sure, we came to a good decision.
    Well, so much from me.. If there's a question, or maybe two - I can't say, I won't bite, but I own some first aid skills, so don't worry.
    It's not good for the skin.

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    Re: Hey there.

    He` and welcome to AO. I am Lenape`(Delaware) Indian. I'll mention reading the Rules-It makes the MODs happy. post, have fun, post, make friends, post, RPG if you want, post, pm me if you have questions or want to chat....................OH! did I mention posting?


    Anything is Pawsable
    Growing old is Mandatory-Growing up is Optional

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    Re: Hey there.

    Hello and welcome to the site. Remember to read the rules, if you haven't already. Also remember to post a lot. PM me if you want to chat or anything.
    "What part of Evil don't you understand?"

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    Re: Hey there.

    lol You seem to be quite a character. ^^

    Anyway Welcome to AO

    Read the rules
    Post A lot
    Make Friends
    And PM me if you ever want to talk or anything.
    X.x.X The only thing I'll ever want... X.x.X

    X.x.X Is for you to love me the way I love you.. X.x.X

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