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    [B]Hello everyone ^_^.....just here to say i won't be here anymore
    i think this is the right place to do it.... but anyways, i'm leaving cause
    i got charged an infraction....for something that wasn't my fault. First of all, this place times out very fast...so when i go change a song or write someone on another site, AO is timing out. And when it times out, you can't post, so it makes you log back in, sometimes it wont post the 1st time.

    So i try it again, and it didn't say i had made a duplicate post like it's supposed to.But i mean i get charged an infraction for a simple mistake like that?? Gosh these are the most strict mods i have ever seen
    Ya get paid for it???laugh:[/B

    one question...how do you delete you account???
    anyone know? *to animenewsnetwork i go*
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