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Thread: Hi.

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    Hello. I'm Judgmentalist, and I'm an editor and critic. I don't know why I'm here, really, since my love of anime was poisoned by awful new anime fans about 7 years ago. But maybe I'm just looking for somewhere to troll where there are people who have seen series that are more than a decade old. Help me out, here, eh?

    About me:
    I'm a curmudgeonly old critic with a heart of gold. I'm free with criticism but I'll never hand it out without backing it up. I can describe why I like something and also whether or not it's any good, and I'm happy to say I know the difference between those two things. If you want some in-depth discussion about an anime, I'm your dude. I am interested in the meaning and style more than kewl movez and action lines. Check in to note my posted reviews, and if there's something you think is awesome and want me to check it, send it my way. I promise not to hurt it -- too much.

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    Re: Hi.

    Welcome to AO
    Read the rules ^_^
    Try to have fun
    good luck to ya ^_^
    death and life are one and the same

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