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Thread: Hi!!

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    Hi, Everyone!!

    I am Makayla. But my friends call me by my anime name Tsukiko. Yay!! I'm not a happy person I'm just glad I found another anime site. Anyway. I love watching animes, and talking japanese. I'm not taking class at school because they don't have it. But if they did I would be the first one to sign up! And if i didn't get it I would cry.. Anyway. I like writting my own anime stories and fanfiction. I have plenty of them. But I write my own stories. When I graduate I want to become an Author and write book from all around the world. I am a fun person to hang out with and if you ask me anything about naruto I will know all the questions. Test me!! Anyway. I'm from boring Alabama. The lamest state in the world!! Anyway. I guess that it.


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    Re: Hi!!

    O.o..... ...... ... ..... o.O
    ... well weclome to AO ._.
    hope you have a good time?
    read the rules
    hope ta see ya round ._.
    death and life are one and the same

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