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Thread: Hi again.

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    Hi again.

    Ummm yea... This is tumble_dry again... so how have things been?
    Ive been doing great, thanks for asking

    The whole spam attack on AO was a bit of a last min thing on my part and It wasnt properly commanded.

    So Dont expect this to end. Ill be back in the near future. Hopefully next time my ytmnd palls wont bail on me.

    you need to Tell Dragon ball or who ever the retard in charge to fix this dayum layout, it looks like poo.

    I also got a linux iso packed full of goodies, including a bruteforce program. Im gonna use it tonight to get your shoutcast pass again and do the DJ thing.

    I tested it on your site but too many people are using firefox so its hard to get a clear hex value.

    BTW admins, Hide your Emails on your profiles unless you like getting penis enlargment messages =)
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