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Thread: hi hi ^_^

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    Cool hi hi ^_^

    Hi everyone, I am new to Baka-Updates Forums. My name is Ryan and I am 20 years old. By the way, I am (also) an unemployed male.

    My hobbies and Interests include video gaming, reading novels and manga, surfing the web, watching cartoons, anime, TV, and movies.

    I only watch Anime english dubbed and I only read manga in the form of (Officially) English Translated Tankōbon.

    I get my manga by borrowing/checking it/them out from my public library, borrowing from friends, reading for free at bookstores, and getting other people to buy me manga with their own money. I rarely buy manga myself with my own money.

    Oh, and I don't read manga scans at all.

    I get my anime by downloading it, watching it on TV, as well as renting it from Netflix, borrowing from my public library & friends, getting other people to buy me anime with their own money. I rarely buy anime myself with my own money.

    I only watch anime english dubbed and never watch anime fansubbed, officially subbed, or RAW for the following 4 reasons:

    1.) I don't understand the Japanese language at all, nor will I ever try to attempt to learn it.

    2.) I hate reading subtitles, they're annoying and are in the way. Plus they always distract me, causing me to have to rewind all of the time.

    3.) I prefer to listen to shows in my language, which is English.

    4.) I am very patient, therefore I can deal with waiting for anime to be slowly dubbed and released in the U.S.

    I only download full-length anime episodes/movies/OVAs/specials etc for free using MegaUpload, torrents, and IRC.

    I hope to make some friends and have a great time here .

    If you want to know more about me, feel free to leave me questions to answer here in this thread.
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    Re: hi hi ^_^

    Hello And Welcome To AO~

    Remember to read the rules, so you don't get in trouble! Wouldn't want that to happen. You can PM me if you have any questions or just want to talk!

    Hope you have fun here! ^^

    Phantasmagoria Lives On In The Hearts Of Their Fans, Japanese AND English!
    "Because it's okay to hide your tears." - LM.C (Lovely Mocochang)

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