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Thread: Hi... I'm ThEeViLaNgEl119

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    Talking Hi... I'm ThEeViLaNgEl119

    Yeah so one day i plan on ruling the world
    The thought of people bowing to me sounds pretty good
    Yeah... I'm not the most nicest angel up there
    But I'm the meanest
    And I don't care what you say about me
    I'm always gonna be me!
    Oh.. And I'm the idiot that stands up in the middle of class and annouces its raining or snowing or something like that..
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    Re: Hi... I'm ThEeViLaNgEl119

    A new challenger appears!

    Welcome to Animeonline, please take the time to read the rules and FAQ, as they are strictly enforced.

    Word of caution: Don't over use Emoticons, because they will be considered spamming and be dealt with accordingly.

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