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Thread: hi people

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    Talking hi people

    Hi. yeah, i am a noob. we were all at this point once. well i guess this is were i type stuff about me so here i go. I LUVHORSESANIMEMANGANDALLGOODTHINGSINTHEWORLD.If you understood any of that, you are a brilliant creature (not all of us are human beings). You probally think I am annoying right now so I will let you get back to your real life now.

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    Re: hi people

    Hahahah, well welcome and hope that you'll enjoy it here at AO. (^_^)
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    Re: hi people

    Lol, well welcome to Anime Online. I hope you enjoy it here, and please be sure to read the rules.

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    Re: hi people

    Hello, Welcome to AO hope you enjoy being here and if you ever want to talk just pm me i am on pretty much everyday!

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