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Thread: Hi there Im Maegan

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    Hi there Im Maegan

    Well I've Been 18 since October of last year and it kicks-a**!
    I have 2 cats thier names are SKITTLES AND ERIC...they drive me crazy
    I just recently got a LAPTOP for my belated birthday present...
    Im an artist and I plan to become a tatoo artist some day hopefully soon...
    I listen to METAL,ROCK,INDUSTRAIL TECHNO STUFF,DARK METAL...basically the good stuff
    I like to sleep...I tend to forget things...and (to be continued)....

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    Re: Hi there Im Maegan

    October is a great time to have a birthday. Welcome!

    Though, being a recent, very inactive returner myself, I really have little right to welcome you as if I'm part of the community yet.

    * The Abh Nation * Ask me about CREST OF THE STARS: A fantasy science fiction anime. *

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