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Thread: Hiii~

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    nekoissa is off to a good start
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    Wow, it's been forever since I joined a forum. I prefer lurking than commenting. XD;

    Well, an intro, hm? Let's see...

    First off, I'm a twin and my sister may want to share this user name with me. So that's just a heads up in case we confuse any one (which we probably won't - like I said, I'm more of a lurker).

    Secondly, though I don't consider myself a good artist, I do like to draw and I ALWAYS appreciate constructive crits. There are a lot of people here who are way more skilled than me, so I'd love some pointers! ^^ I post all my art on Deviant Art under the name "Neko-Yasha". My sister is "Issa-chan". Hence "NekoIssa". XD

    Thirdly, I'm a HUGE anime geek. Which is why I already feel at home here! XD I'm a hoarder. I used to spend over $200 a week on video game, anime and manga. Once I'm steadily employed again, I'll probably start that up again. It's an addiction... >.>

    Fourth, since we're on the subject of addictions... I play World of Warcraft quite a lot. I'm not an religious player and am no where near being a raider, but I'm still quite obsessed with it! XD;

    But, that is all I've got!


    If it's not to much trouble, I'd love to get to know some of you better! If you could tell me something about yourself, that would be awesome! And if you could tell me what your favorite anime and/or manga is, that would also be great.

    I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun lurking! 8D;;

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    Re: Hiii~

    Well Hi Neko! Very nice to meet you. My name is Marcel and I also post my artwork on DA under Marcel-C. I love anime as much as you do and I will never stop the addiction (by the way I'd rather call it a healthy obsession lol) I like making new friends and I am very helpful. PM me if you ever have a question or need help or even if you just need to talk. In a nut-shell.....This is the place for you! I use to play WOW but I am kinda out of a job as well so that had to stop lol. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your sister (since she is going to be on your name too lol) I Welcome you and your sister to the best place for Anime and Friends around!

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    Re: Hiii~

    Hey there and welcome to AO!!!
    We are all anime geeks and freaks here....so no wonder you feel right at home..........
    Quick facts about me....I am a freshman in college.......I loves sports and I am 99% a tomboy.......I have three black belts and I am a master in Japanese fencing.....I enjoy reading and writing......
    There is lots and lots of fun things to do here........so Enjoy....and make sure that you check out the Cyber Lounge for some great conversations.......

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    Re: Hiii~

    Welcome to AO nekoissa...or should I do two seperate welcomes for Neko and Issa? Hope that you will enjoy it here and if you run into any problems or anything feel free to ask. Dont forget to read up on the FAQs and Rules either.

    ->:Be descriptive in your posts or its like you didnt post at all:<-

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