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Thread: Hiiiii

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    Post Hiiiii

    Hii i just joined and i'll tell you my 2 most favorite anime.
    1.FMA (FullMetal Alchmist for those who didnt know what FMA meant)
    Those 2 are the most awsome!They are the most Awsomeness lets say!(for those who agree with me)

    I want to show pokemon cards I MADE!!!
    (Saikou and the eveloution before it are from diffrent regions.same with Suiso.)

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    Re: Hiiiii

    Welcome to AO
    Hope you have fun
    Read the rules
    Hope ta see ya bout ^_^
    (und nice pokemon cards, always wanted to learn how ta play but never had the courage to ask anyone lol)
    death and life are one and the same

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