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Thread: hola!!!...hello!!!

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    Hola to everyone!!

    just a bit about me... I am shy, anti-social, bi-polar and I am from El Salvador... I love to write fanfics (even if my ideas are not too good), draw (I suck a bit), read mangas, watch anime, I like D.Gray-Man, Beyblade, Junjou Romantica, 07-Ghost, Kamui, DOGS, and others... I like YAOI... I don't know why and I like some bishies from anime and mangas.

    I guess this is a bit about me... happy to be here

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    Re: hola!!!...hello!!!

    Hello and welcome to AO~

    Be sure to read the rules and stuff, and you should be fine! And I'm, for some reason, a yaoi fan too...so you aren't alone lol. Hope you have fun here, and you can message me anytime if you have any questions! ^^

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    Re: hola!!!...hello!!!

    Konnichi wa! Welcome to AO, talk to anyone you need to everyone is glad to help.

    Est Sularis oth Mithas
    Going home soon.

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    Re: hola!!!...hello!!!

    yo XD ... hi hi and welcome ..

    enjoy your time here and have fun in AO .. if you need someone to talk to i am here .. so have a good day X3 .. =^_^=
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