Well I am autistic (AKA FREAK/RETARD/MENTEALLY DAMAGED/GENITICALY WARPED) thats what people think of me online when I say I am autistic.When online My personality is not forgiving , venomous towards people who anger me , hate mods aka modzillas and hate admins (overpowered and not friendly even when I try to be. I am a member of 12 anime sites and all mods and admins were "beep".) , kind and friendly towards people who need help (my door is always open) , VERY shy , very quick to anger and if people do not back down I then tend to become ready to attack , lonely most of the time , nervous , needy ie.trys to make friends to much , Find it hard to make friends , Anime liberal aka seeing hentai as art not pornography but am anti lolicon , when I make friends we tend to be become great friends , Bad speller/language disorder which make people not belive me and think I am a spammer , have very bad self-esteem)

When in the outside world I tend to be: very shy , wish I was good at sports (have very bad cowordanation disorder and bad asthma and am small 5,7/5,8) , team player , Anime liberal again , very fearful , neurotic about death ie. necro phobiac , conseritive about real film (sexual sceans) and real life issues like faith, find science very interisting , kind and friendly and am easy to become friends who are at least 10yrs older than me and sometimes people my age. Like cars and flash games , Am a more like a secret person ie. if I someone is being bullied I deal with it by not confronting it but ask the superviser to do something I sometimes give the bullied reasureance that all will be ok and they can trust me and if they want a witness or someone to lean on I will do that. I get ignored alot sadly in real life but if someone wants to hang out I will and most of the time we become very tight friends.

Person I would go for would be a person who has been deeply hurt emotionally (I like helping) a understanding , loving , caring , soft hearted , can cry easly , shy , conservritive views about marrige , highly compeditive and can help your self asteem.