Reduced stem cell abundance or self-renewal ability is a feature of aging in a number of different tissues (Flores et al., 2005; Rando, 2006; Sharpless and DePinho, 2007; Rossi et al., 2008). Nevertheless, when we examined young and intrinsically aged murine skin (Giangreco et al., 2008), we found that despite alterations in epidermal proliferation, dermal thickness, and peripheral T cells, the abundance of CD34-positive epidermal stem cells did not decline with increasing age. Furthermore, young and aged murine epidermal stem cells have similar in vitro growth and differentiation potential (Stern and Bickenbach, 2007). Despite that success, Correll, for his part, expresses no interest in hiring contingent workers for anything more than shuffling paper at Hermes Bag headquarters. ''Temps have their limits,'' he says. ''Our manufacturing facilities need operators who are well trained and who understand the quality requirements of the job.
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