"Many workers make a few dollars an hour working in restaurants or factories," he said. "If they wait in line for an hour at the Apple store to buy and sell phones, they can make $300 in a single morning." For many, he said, this is equivalent to an average week's pay.. And it begged the question, simple or not: How exactly does an art work like this come together?Extinction is the name of the work that has the temple as its centerpiece, the title being the scientific name for arguably the first period in which humans have a significant impact on Earth ecosystems. And it made its debut yesterday as the newest installation of the ICA Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Art Wall.From the temple, which Steven Spielberg should take note Cheap Gucci of if he really plans to go through with a fifth Indiana Jones movie, flows a of paper cutout animals that makes its way across the ICA atrium.
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