Photos: for House of Deron campaign; Collage showing, from top, the top 10. Credit: TemptuI work for one of the largest advertising company in both New York and Los Angeles, and they throw us a well known amazing annual party. For 2010 it was held poolside at the Franklin Hotel in Hollywood for several hundred of us. "Our third largest expense for our hotel is security," divulges General Manager Marc Olendorf at the Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, Moscow. "But don't get me wrong, it is not because it is not a safe city." He continues to explain that perhaps it is more due to what the people of Moscow have been accustomed to during Soviet times. status symbol that appeals to the people. It wasn't such a shocker that Rob Dyrdek's rapping receptionist, Chanel, would turn out to be such a hit with Fantasy Factory viewers. She's a "young, beautiful, talented sweet girl," Rob told MTV News' Tim Kash at last night's red carpet premiere of The Phone. But we do find it sorta strange (and sucky) that she's also very misunderstood, according to her boss..
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