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The next day, we headed up into the hills to visit a historic mansion called Greystone, still the largest estate in Beverly Hills with a panoramic view of LA out to the Pacific Ocean. Built by oil millionaire Longchamp Le Pliage Edward Doheny in 1924 for his newly wedded son, a love triangle and murer-suicide involving his son and his son's male secretary set tongues wagging for years. Today Greystone's turetted towers and stunning gardens are locations for dozens of commercials and movies, most recently The Muppets and the Social Network. Watch Hathaway, other stars talk about movie > Karen Millen Oulet I wore a few body-hugging dresses, which was so fun since I'm not used to them. I did inherit 99's Chanel bag addiction, and I Longchamp Taschen Outlet was very happy about that. I have a ton of action sequences, and I had to be able to fight in every single outfit..