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Thread: I am alive!!!!!

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    「Someone」 Goo Slasher Champion, Fish Kill Champion, Rapid Motion Champion, Cell-Out Champion, Sober Santa 2 Champion, Flower Girl Champion KuwiRules145 is off to a good start KuwiRules145's Avatar
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    Re: I am alive!!!!!

    Well hi and welcome to AO!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it here and make lots of friends plus NICE TO MEET YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!! Remember to read the rules and have fun!

    Teehee.... Taka sorry I just think it's
    funny in a way saying it. ^^ Well
    if you need help in anyway
    Kiwi here's to help. ^^
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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    Àddïctëd tø |ăüghïñg :) Sonny Sunshine Champion, Volcano Champion, Aquarium Sprengischen Champion, Spiderman Web of Words Champion, Look Alive Champion iluvmyloser is off to a good start iluvmyloser's Avatar
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    Re: I am alive!!!!!

    HI and welcome to Anime Online^-^
    im iluvmyloser but im really "princess"
    if you ever need help with anything or just want to chat i've been here long enough to help you around^^ Oh and make sure to read the rules
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Newbie rocklee12 is off to a good start rocklee12's Avatar
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    Re: I am alive!!!!!

    Hi and welcome I hope u have a really good time and learn many new things well if u would like to talk just pm and well see u around ^_^

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    Otaku Zeikku Shadow is off to a good start Zeikku Shadow's Avatar
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    Re: I am alive!!!!!

    Hey welcome to AO. Remember to read the rules/FAQ section. Post often, make friends, and have fun. Feel free to check out me ever changing Profile page, and if you like PM me whenever you like.

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    :Yuki fan: Spider Jump Champion Shinku no kage is making a name for themselves Shinku no kage is making a name for themselves Shinku no kage's Avatar
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    Re: I am alive!!!!!

    Ooohh, a friend of Soldat, guess I better stay on your good side.
    Anyways, welcome to AO and hope that you'll enjoy it here.
    ->:Be descriptive in your posts or its like you didnt post at all:<-

    |The "RULES" of AO|My AO Gallery|YouTube|AnimeSuki|

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