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Thread: I am new...so Konnichiwa-gozaimasu! ^_~

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    Quote Originally Posted by aceman67 View Post
    Of course he's not being sarcastic. Right Cantsenditback?

    NEways, welcome to AnimeOnline, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Make sure you read the rules, this is really important, You can find them under the yellow link in the main menu and in my signature.
    This Sakuchi has read the rules...They are basically the same as an MMO that This One used to play, RuneScape's, rules...Minor differences. Doumo-arigatou-gozaimasu for the welcome, and This Sakuchi is sure she will enjoy her stay. It IS and Anime website, right? :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Shinku no kage View Post
    Hello and welcome to AO, I do hope that you will enjoy your time here and if you have any questions or anything than feel free to ask. Dont forget to read up on the FAQs and Rules if you already havent.

    Arigatou-gozaimasu for the welcome! Anata dearou Tenshu gibu gyousan yotaku!! [May God give you many blessings!]
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    ~-WARNING-~...Roads are wet when rained on and dangerous. Smiley: Well, DUH!

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