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Thread: I Is Black. ^_^

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    I Is Black. ^_^

    Not sure if anyone remembers me really. I was on a it for awhile and disappeared because I had a lot of other stuff keeping me from getting on here. So to those who might maybe remember me: Hello again. How have you been?
    To those who are new and don't know me:
    Hi. You can call me Sadie or Sadis. I like to draw, go to cons, and play Magic the Gathering. I'm a dork and a gamer. I'm engaged to YinYangAio1, another member here. I like making new friends. ^_^

    I'm totally in love. Sadis + yinyangAio1 forever. <3 (Yes, we're together irl. We're engaged.) Also, if you liked/dated him, please stay off my page.

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    Re: I Is Back. ^_^

    Hi sadis welcome back to animeonline hope you like the sites new look and as well how everything has changed in your own ways. anyways i still remember you i dont know if you remember me though, oh well anywaqys try to drop me by a message if you can ok?

    Magic intervenes when there is love in first sight.

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