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Thread: I LoWe creating anime (doing this)

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    I LoWe creating anime (doing this)

    Hello everybody. My name is not Ichigo. I am currently a student at "University of Isfahan", completing bachelor degree in civil engineering .for many years I have been keenly interested in animating and converting my dreams in way of animation which all people can see and feel my feelings .while I was at high school I bought Maya and started to be master at modeling after a while I started to create my own 3d animation. But unfortunately with normal pc that wasn’t possible to continue that job (even rendering of one simple frame took ages!). So I determined to be master at 2d animations and eventually this days me and one of my friends are working on an anime project Called: "Arshia". How knows maybe we create something that can attract lots of fans and become famous in all over the world.

    p.s: I was wondering where users in this forum out their own manga and ongoing projects.
    All in all my special thanks go to Animeonline administrators and moderators how have provided this
    great web site for animes fans .

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    Re: I LoWe creating anime (doing this)

    Welcome, I once had dreams to make my own anime series, but I kept dreaming and never tried to make that dream happen. Animation would seem fun though.
    I can't wait to see your work!
    Have fun here!

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    Re: I LoWe creating anime (doing this)

    Hi. welcome to the AO family.


    ok now that's done, glad to have an aspirating animator here. can't wait to see your work.

    if you have any questions or comments, please fell free to ask.
    we won't bite, ok most of us won't.

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