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Thread: I need a bandaid ]=

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    I need a bandaid ]=

    I was runnin' really fast to the forum and I tripped and stubbled my toe D:

    But I thinks it's okay now

    Okay well what was I going to do ag... RIGHT!

    Yes, the introduction! I'm Josh and I'm 14 years-old, born and raised in Baltimore! Not quite the city but pretty darn close! Ever since I was a kid I've loved to draw and when I discovered anime I was in love. But it hasn't been till quite recently have I started to draw it. I took a long intermission on the drawing when I started breakdancing .... Amazing what Dad can teach ya, eh?

    I have a zillion animals including my cat who just had kittens and Dog who had puppies a few months ago and they all sit around and watch anime with me

    Unfortunately all I have is cable and OnDemand for anime over my mothers house (divorced parents) but I enjoy what I got because what I could have is nothing and nothing is what I don't... ?? O_o

    I'm into Bleach, Wolf's Rain, Inuyasha, Naruto, Kaleido Star, and a few other animes. I kind of hop around to them I dont' really get deeply involved into too many...

    Back to drawing... I've been drawing anime for about a year and a half now and I'll probably scan some pictures up over my Dad's to share with ya'll. They're not very good and I'm a n00b plz dun hurt meh.


    Well I'm a Hollister/ Aeropostale prep and I try not to be. Seriously. My girlfriend is... right I don't have one. But I have a crush on this emo girl who loves me as much as I <3 Anime and She loves Anime as much as she <3 me so I hope that all works out!

    I forgot to include that I'm a writer too, I love writing and telling sotries, role-playing, and making up role-playing characters. I do some psychology but thats pretty amateur stuff

    Speaking of the writing stuff, I'm making a Neko language at the moment which is going oh, so well. I'll find a place to share it with you when I've completed it :]

    I'm also a webcam freakkkkk and I'm on that a lot. If you have Yahoo! or MSN then go ahead and IM me I love Cam/Voice Convo.

    I'm also a forum lover and if I get interested in somethign deeply, the first thing I do is try to find a foru for it. I check this one out before I joined and I love it so far we'll just see how it loves me

    [BTW 911, call me ]

    One last thing, I'm a gaming nerd. So if you play: GW, EQ, TSL[SL], RS, or JKII, go ahead and PM me, we can talk about that.

    So that's uh.. pretty much me. If you're a stalker I'll be waiting witha knife so BRING IT ON. I'm sure thats enough info to find me. Need anymore I'll tell ya. Muhuhahaha. I need taht bandaid now... PPwease.

    You can have the best forum ever.
    But when the mods lock because they have nothing better to do
    You're not going to have a good forum at all.

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    Re: I need a bandaid ]=

    (o.O) Oh, you gotta be careful when you're running around in the forums. LOL

    Anyways, welcome to AO and I hope that you will enjoy it here. If you have questions or anything just be sure to check the Rules and FAQs. If that doesnt help than just ask.

    Draw anime? Cool. Looking forward to seeing them in the gallery. Dont worry about being "good" or "bad". It just takes time to improve...c'mon, that applies to most things in life. ^^

    ->:Be descriptive in your posts or its like you didnt post at all:<-

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    Re: I need a bandaid ]=

    Hehe .lol. *gives you a band aid*
    ok there you go.lol.
    hehe wow you r a very interesting person.lol.
    Well anyway welcom and hope you like it.
    Read th rules and play nice with others.lol.
    Pm me if you have questions or want to chat.lol.

    ~Falling in love one step at a time~

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    Re: I need a bandaid ]=

    Looks like typing is one of your interst too.Well welcome to AO.Have fun WALKING through the fourms.Pm if you need something or if you just want to chat.Well have a good time.

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    Re: I need a bandaid ]=

    OOOoooOOO!!!!! This is just so interesting about your info!!!! Cool!!!! Oh and HI and welcome to AO!!!! I hope you enjoy it here and make lots of friends! Plus nice to meet you!!!!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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    Re: I need a bandaid ]=

    Oooh sorry you hurt yourself while going to the forums *hands a bandaid to you* Hi my name is Ellie but my friends call me Tora *waves at you* Welcome to AO and its really nice to meet you...you seem like a nice guy and a very interesting one that I may add but have fun here but don't forget to read the rules very important!! I am on pretty much everyday if you ever want to talk so yea pm me anytime!!

    Made by mi amigo Mveli2

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    Re: I need a bandaid ]=

    oh...i'm sorry. I don't have a bandaid on me right now.
    But i do have a really cool welcome message.....here goes.


    I'm so unique. Well anyway, glad to see more people posting! I'm somewhat new myself.

    well? What are you waiting go out there and post! Just read the pretty rules first! =]

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    Re: I need a bandaid ]=

    Only 14! You had no business writing a poem about a whore!
    Shame shame shame. You little genius you!

    Well heres my official welcome to you here on AO. Ive enjoyed all your writing, and even your poptart thread... they shoulda left it open... >_<

    And hey... always wear shoes while running around the forums! Sheesh! .They should sooo have that in the rules.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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