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Thread: I walk alone

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    I walk alone

    I care about everyone more than myself. My life is lived on 2 sides of the same coin. Theres the me that everyone know, then theres the other me that I keep inside. Nobody ever really knows whats going on inside me. I don't lie to people, I just never tell them everything about me. Everyone has things they don't want others knowing. I don't want anyone to be burdened because of me, thats why. I don't like to hurt others, and I don't like seeing others hurt. I have serious anger issues when it comes to someone I care about getting hurt. I live my life one step at a time, and through all the hardships, i keep on going, because I know that somehow there will be a way for me to pick up the pieces and keep the flow organized. Not everything goes how I want it, and I'm constantly falling down, but I know that I have to be strong so that everyone else won't be saddened. I live my life to help others, and as long as I can help everyone else, then I don't mind being the only one suffering, because if everyone else is happy, then so am I^^

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    Re: I walk alone

    i kinda understand about having to sides i have an uncontrollable anger at times and other times im nice and goofy but ive been in fights for having this side i hate it and its not because im afraid to get hurt i just dont want to hurt other people i agree that id would give my life for anyone to no one ever deserves to get hurt for no reason the i dont know about you but i am a big person and could hurt someone because of my size as well as my style of fighting everyone talks about mma but i seriously train in the art of kung-fu and i could kill someone if they anger me enough im in the same boat as you in a way if i were you i would tell my friends about the anger deep in you just incase your set off i told my friends stay clear of me when angered and they dont get hurt trust me the worst feeling you could ever get is causing pain to someone who is close to you

    Fear is a state of mind
    to me fear does not exist

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    Re: I walk alone

    Wow I wish you the best LonexWolf and hope you enjoy it here,please read the rules before posting threads feel free to talk to me if you want I'll try to get back to you when I find the time.

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