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Thread: im a noob. ty

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    im a noob. ty

    hey. im a noob to the anime world. anyone got any advise or pointers for meh? lol.

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    hey me too
    add me to ur buddy list
    check out the cool stuff
    and ask someone else for advice cuz i havent been here that long


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    hey wellcome to AO. hope to see u arownd.


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    well what type of anime do u like. they is alot of genres to choose from like comedy, romance, action, some gothic anime, umm action, echii (slightly perverted) and umm thats all i can think off.

    well here's some from each genre that i know..

    -chobits- great for a good laugh with some romance.
    -Ouran High School Club- the animation here is really define, a range of funny character, and plenty of good laughs.
    action: bleach- plenty of action, good battles, some comedy and great animation. u can't go wrong with this choice for action i think.

    -D.N.Angel- i might be a bit bias for this one but i think its a great anime, it really is worth checking out.

    -Fruit Basket- this is a great anime about a girl that meets this guy, and that everytime this guy gets touch he turns into an animal (i'm not goin to tell which animal he turn into, i'll let u find that out for urself).


    well i'm not really a fan of echii stuff, but i don't think this anime is that bad, but i dk i'll let u make ur mind up for urself.

    -Girls Bravo- about some guy that get teleported to another world where most of the population consists of women. except that this guy has an allergy to women. its not bad, but there is plenty of fanserves in this one.

    Gothic tpye:

    i don't really know any gothic anime, sorry about that. but i'm sure there are plenty of ppl here that know of a few.

    well i hope that help u out. anywho i hope to see u around on this site and enjoy ur stay here.

    oh and before i forget, feel free to pm me anytime i'm always up for a good chat. well c u around.

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    Welcome to AO!! Enjoy your stay!!
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